Best 3rd Party App Stores for iOS

Apple app store is the most trusted source to download any application for iOS devices. But sometimes due to its strict policies, we can’t find the kind of app we are looking for. You will have to use a 3rd Party App Store for iOS if you want to download any app which is not listed on Apple app store.

In this article, we will share a list of Top best 3rd party app places for iOS where you can find every app if it is available for your device.


Cydia is a package installer app available for JailBroken iPhones and iPads. It is capable of installing third-party apps on your iPhones, iPads and all iTouch devices. Most applications are available for free on Cydia, you can also download games hacks using it. Cydia is rated on top because we believe it is the best third-party app store for ios.

App nameCydia
App Trust High
iOS version11 or Above
Our Rating4.5 out of 5
Stable version10.2.1 / February 16, 2017


Tweakbox is ranked No.2 in this list because of the simple user interface that makes it much easier to search for any app. It has a huge collection of apps and games which are mostly available for free to download. Tweakbox is free for both iOS and Android. This app has over 2 million users worldwide and still increasing.

App Name Tweak Box
App TrustLow
iOS Version10.2 or Above
Our Rating3.6 out of 5


TutuApp is a good alternative of the Apple app store that has all the official applications and their Mods as well. Modded applications of games that have added features and hacks are also available on TutuApp. TutuApp for iOS is a trusted source for downloading third-party apps. TutuApp is available for both free and paid users. The paid version of TutuApp is also called TutuApp VIP.

App Name TutuApp
App Trusthigh
iOS Version10.2 or Above
Our Rating4.3 Out of 5


Aptoide is really popular to have even the rarest iOS apps available on it. This clearly makes it stand firm in this list of best third party App stores. Aptoide is available for both Android and iOS and provides heavy discounts on paid apps so that you can install them legally. You should consider Aptoide if you are willing to have safe and tested third-party apps on your iDevice.

App Name Aptoide
App Trusthigh
iOS Version9 or Above
Our Rating4.5 Out of 5


App valley is another very popular un-official iOS App store that has millions of users worldwide. AppValley is listed last on this list for a reason. Even after serving best to the purpose of the user, AppValley app is suspected to record user’s phone screen and store their data using the apps downloaded from it. Is AppValley a safe app to use on your phone? Here is what the official website has to say about it.

App NameAppValley
App TrustLow
iOS Version9.0 or Above
Our Rating2 out of 5

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